Dayna Lynn. 22. California [ex] party girl.
Aquarius mommy. Knox Mavelos, 1year old anarchist. wife'd up. mind in the cosmos.

reste avec moi à jamais.

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Tumblr, your point has been proven

Tumblr, your point has been proven

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My new leggings are cool.

My new leggings are cool.

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Got Knox some new bedding :3

Got Knox some new bedding :3

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It never has.

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Harry Potter Facts


Draco Malfoy attended Fred Weasley’s funeral. He stood in the far back, careful not to be seen, and after he thought everyone had left, he lingered a bit. He’d never let on that he secretly thought the twins were quite funny, and he was truly sorry he’d been part of the reason that Fred died….

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This week is going by sooooo slooooooow
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With that

Rupert Grint with long hair

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I would pay good money to see Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe play in a movie together


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Wilfred, Season 4

Premiering in June

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In my dream I had sex with this guy
But we were in love I could tell

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the absolute worst part of following really awesome book blogs is that my ‘need to buy’ list gets longer by the hour

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